Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diva Ribbon Club... June... How to make a marble bag

I grabbed the red and white ribbons from this months Ribbon Club and immediately knew that I wanted to sew something for my Daughter Alesia with it. I've had the Hello Kitty material for ages and because its only a small cut I didn't know what to use it for.... Well it seems that MARBELS are the in thing at school again - so here is a marble bag for her :) Of course there is still tonnes of ribbon left and when I use it I'll share back in the forum :)

1. Cut top strip 15x2 inches, middle strip 15x3 inches and bottom strip 15x5 inches.
2. Sew with right sides facing, the middle and bottom fabric together.

3. Iron flat and then place your RIBBON PACK lace over the join and sew over several times
4. Add several other strips of trim from your RIBBON PACK to the lower section of your fabric, leaving 2-3 cm at the bottom for seams later.
5. With right sides together again, add your top strip of fabric. Fold the whole lot in half and sew down one side and across the bottom. You may want to zig zag stitch the seams so they don't frey. Adding some clear nailpolish will do the same thing.
6. Turn down the top opening of the bag and sew around it, leaving a 1cm opening at the seam side to thread your ribbon through.

7. Thread through one of the long lengths of ribbon from your RIBBON PACK then tie in a knot to secure. Turn your bag in the right way and iron flat. Don't forget to add clear nailpolish or Dimensional Magic to the ends of your ribbon to stop it from freying. Also add a key tag to the ribbon so that if it gets lost, it can be easily returned.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Thanks so much Mel for a great class and practical idea.

Thank you

I hope you have enjoyed making, this quick and easy project. I have enjoyed being able to share my ideas with you.

Mel x

Step 4

Step 4.

**Note** you may want to do this step after you have embellished your “Hang it Up”

Open the split ring and slip it through one of the holes in your bulldog clip. Slip the open end of the split ring into the hole of your “Hang it Up” shape, and close the ring. Do the same, on the other side.

Well done, you have now completed the basic “Hang it Up”

Now it’s time to make it your own!

Grab those letters and embellishments out and have some fun. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure you upload your completed “Hang it Up” in the gallery by June 30th. I will randomly pick someone and send you out a special RAK.

Step 3

Step 3.

Time to punch some holes. You need to punch two holes at the bottom of your shape to slip your ‘split rings’ into. Measure 5cm in from your sides and 1.5cm up from the bottom. Mark with a pencil and use your hole punch to make two hole on either side.

If you are hanging your “Hang it Up’ you will need to punch two holes on the top to put your ribbon through. Measure 3cm in from the side and 1.5cm down from the top and punch two more holes. Cut a piece of ribbon or thick string approx 30cm long. Slip into the hole at the top and make a knot. Do the same of the other side.

If you are putting your “Hang it Up” on the fridge. Turn you shape over and find the centre. Measure 5 cm down and glue your magnet on.

Step 2

Step 2.

Cover your shape with your choice of patterned paper or cardstock. I used a strong Craft glue, to glue this onto my backing shape. Trim off any excess.

Step 1

Step 1.
Choose a shape you would like your “Hang it up” to be. Simple kids colouring in pictures, make excellent templates for different shapes.

A good working size would be 20-30cm wide and 15-25cm long. Keep in mind this is only approximate sizes and would depend on your shape.

Trace or draw your shape onto your heavy cardboard and cut out.

Materials list and ideas

Let’s get started.

Materials List:

Heavy Cardboard for backing – Old Pizza boxes would work well.
Patterned Paper or Cardstock to cover
2 x 25mm Split Rings (Available from Newsagents/Office Supplies)
2 x small bulldog clips
Ribbon/String or Magnet to hang it up (any old magnets off your fridge can be recycled as you won’t see it)
Craft glue

Scissors/ Craft knife
Hole Punch

Here are some ideas for your “Hang it Up”
- Children’s picture hanger - Look what “insert name” made today
- Bills to pay
- Things to remember
- School Notes
- Grandparents “Special Pictures”
- Things to do

- I made this for My Dad

The ‘Hang it Up’ can be hung on a wall, or you can put a magnet on the back so you can put it on the fridge.

Welcome to Mel's Hang it Up class

Hello and Welcome to my first ever online class. I am very excited to share my “Hang It Up” ideas with you. This is a very quick and simple idea that can be adapted to suit any age group, male or female. It would make a lovely gift or a cute addition to have around the house.

Here are two examples of what you can do with your "Hang it Up"

Welcome everyone to tonights class with the fabulous Diva Mel. Thanks Mel