Sunday, December 13, 2009

On The 13th Day of Christmas

Santa bought to me a project from the Boss Lady..................................


This project is not just for Christmas but any occasion.

Get yourself some die cut paper whether it be Christmas or any other sort. I have used the Bo Bunny Tis the Season Range of papers and embellishments.

You will need two sheets of die cut paper and it is better that you have a die cut paper that you can cut out the middle or that has an edge that can be cut out.

I have also backed my first die cut piece onto a thin piece of cardboard or you can use a thick piece of cardstock just to give it extra strength and stability.

Cut out the inner piece of the second piece of die cut paper where the red border is and the also cut the top off that sheet to make the opening for the holder

So attach the second piece of die cut to the inside of the first piece of die cut paper.

Now to attach you can use double sided tape, or you can sew or stitch around the edges to make the holder. If you have the stickers that go with the Bo Bunny Tis Season just take the scalloped stickers and put at the top of the holder.

Also use the stickers to make your words and cut out some brackets from patterned paper.

Use Kaiser Rhinestones and pearls in silver, red and green to embellish on the snowflakes.

Make two holes at the top of the die cut paper to thread your christmas ribbon through for the hanger.

My christmas embellishment is just a kaiser stamp on white cardstock and matted on red cardstock and cut out with fancy scissors. Thread your ribbon through your holes and then you are done.

I hope that you like the last project.

Friday, December 11, 2009

12th Day of Christmas

calendar and card box

was so excited when Michelle asked me to be apart of the Christmas Extravaganza, I immediately set to work thinking up ideas and over time the ideas just grew and grew, in the end I had I just tell myself to calm down and go with just a few things.

with my projects I have used nothing but scraps and old products. The reason for this is simple, the more of my scraps and old stash I use the more new goodness I can buy from Michelle. I am very good at buying new stuff and not using it so I set myself a challenge to use nothing but scraps and old product (over 6 months old) for this project. I now challenge you all to do the same and then we can all shop with Michelle guilt free.

my main idea is a calendar and card box. The idea came about from my own unorganised life, I was at work one day and looked at the calendar and realised that it was friends birthday in a few days and I didn't have a card and there was no time to make one. I thought I would be a great idea to have a heap of cards on hand for these times of panic, so evolved the matching calendar and card box.

for this project you will need:

a clip board - mine is a 6.5x6.5 Bella clipboard that I already had in my stash.
a box suitable for altering and holding cards - I have used a wooden box I picked up for $5 at The Reject Shop
3 co ordinating papers - I have used create paper Lillian range
white card stock
paint I have used white as I was wanting a shabby chic look
letters - I have used thickers latte
prima flowers
bling and pearls- I have use Kaiser
butterflies - I have used the Martha Stewart punch
fiskars boarder punches
a computer - to create the calendar

how to:

this was a rather easy project to create.

start by painting the clipboard and the box - for me it took 3 coats to get the coverage I wanted so this was the most time consuming part of the project. I left it an hour between coats to allow the paint to fully dry and not get all clumpy by applying the next coat while the coat before had not dried.
while waiting for paint to dry open a word document and search for a calendar template. I used the standard template and then just moved the columns and adjusted the font size till I had the size I wanted, there was a lot of trial and error involved in this. Print off 12 months worth on white cardstock
once the paint is on and dry cut strips of PP to the desired width. I cut the green one 3 inches by 6.5 inches and when used a fiskars punch to punch out a decorative boarder, which I then stuck 9.5cm from the top of the clipboard.
the floral print is 2.5 inches by 6.5 inches and is placed over the top of the green paper leaving a small boarder top and bottom
using the pink PP cut it to size to make a suitable back ground for your calendar, I cut mine out using a die cut in my cuttlebug. now I did not stick this down, rather I have used the clip to hold it and the calendar in place, this way it is easy to remove each month as it passes and also this calendar can be used for more than one year.
now decorate to you liking. I have place ribbon along the middle of the floral print PP. put a flower on the left hand side and tied a bow to place in the centre of the flower. then used bling to decorate around the flower. I have then used thickers to spell out "date" which I have then decorated with a few pearls
my clipboard has a magnetic square on the back so it can be put on the fridge on the side of a filing cabinet at work etc.

this is the calendar done!!!!!!!!

the box is made in much the same fashion

paint the box, following the same process as painting the clip board
I then decorated the box the be very similar to the calendar, I did this because I plan to give this set away as a Xmas gift and thought having them match would be a nice touch. It is entirely up to you of you would like yours to match

the box is full of cards I have made from scraps. I am a big 8.5x12 scrapbooker so I tend to have a lot of strips of brazil left over. I used these strips to make all of the cards in the box, some I just folded in half for a normal size card and some I cut in half to make 2 pint size cards. try making a card with scraps after each LO, you will be surprised how quickly you will use up your stash and build a good supply of cards to have on hand. I tend to keep my cards simple but it up to you how extravagant you wish to get with your cards.

hope you have enjoyed this project and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

On The 11th Day Of Christmas

My True Love Gave To Me....a Mercedes Benz..... HO! HO! HO! .....YEAH! don't i wish.....LOL. Well everyone Christmas Day is nearly here. What wonderful & inspiring projects all the Design Divas have put up on the blog for all you lovely Divas to create, we only have one day left for the Lovely Mandy to load up her projects & i am, sure like me, you are wishing there was more. I have created a few projects with each set of Papers & Embellishments. The first set is using the New Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade, which includes a set of 3 Box Canvas Frames, Recycled Christmas Cards & a Christmas Layout Using the Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade. The Second set using the Little Yellow Bicycle 25days of Christmas, which includes 2 layouts & some gift Lollie bags. I hope you enjoy

1st PROJECT: Box Canvas Frame

SUPPLIES I USED: Canvas: Mont Marte 8" x 10" (3). Paint: Folk Art Baby Blue & White. Crackle Medium: Folk Art. Pattern Paper: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade Collection: Serenity (1), Snowy Serenade (1). Card stock: White (1).Rub-Ons: Bo Bunny Flurries Snowy Serenade. Brads: Bo Bunny i Candy Snowy Serenade. Glitter: Crystal Clear. Metallic Rub-ons: Purple & Silver ( or you can use ink). Cuttlebug: Die Cut & Folder Christmas Tree Tops. Ribbon: Silver. Hinges: White (6).PHOTOS: Black & White Portrait 3 1/4" wide x 4 1/4"long.

STEP 1: Working on the back of the Canvas, Paint around the Frame with Baby Blue Paint (allow to dry). Then apply a coat of Crackle Medium over the paint ( allow to dry). Next apply the final coat of White Paint over the crackle medium ( allow to dry). TIP: When applying the crackle medium do so in one direction & do not go backwards & forwards with the brush over the previous applied coat of crackle medium. When applying the final White Paint Coat, do this step also. The final result of crackle is easy if you follow the steps to achieve the correct effect. Once
the white paint is dry, create a beautiful highlighted & distressed finish by rubbing with your finger tips the metallic rub-on or ink around the frame, here & there.

STEP 2: Transfer three snowflake rub-ons onto the white card stock & cut out with your scissors,leaving a white border around the shape. Cut a piece of chipboard 1/2"wide x 12"Long. Place double sided tape on the top, sprinkle over the Crystal glitter ( to seal you can use dimensional magic, or spray a Matt coat spray over the top). Place a piece of double sided tape on the back of the snowflakes, cut a piece off the glitter chipboard about 4"Long for each one ( these will be trimmed down later) & adhere to the back of the snowflake embellishment. Affix a brad to the centre of each snowflake embellishment.

STEP3: Cut 3 sets of trees from the cuttle bug tree tops die-cut in the cuttle bug machine, then run through the tree tops embossing folder. Apply Zig 2 way glue or spray adhesive to the front of the card stock trees & sprinkle over the crystal glitter. Cut 3 pieces of white card stock 1"wide x 5"long. Cut a free hand wavy line across the top edge. Apply your glue to the front & sprinkle over the crystal glitter.

STEP 4: Cut 1 piece of Serenity pattern paper, & 2 pieces of Snowy Serenade pattern paper 5 1/8"wide x 7 1/8"long. Adhere to the inside box area of the each canvas. Adhere your photos to some white card stock & cut out leaving a white border. Adhere to the inside box area of the canvas. Adhere the white card stock glitter hills with foam mounting tape to the bottom underneath the photo. Adhere one tree to the frame bottom edge of the canvas & the other 2 trees to the glitter card stock hill also with foam mounting tape. Tear some strips of scrap pattern paper & adhere on the bottom of the box area frame, on the centre canvas around the top right and bottom left hand corners of the box area frame.

STEP5: Adhere a row of snowflake element sticker border on the bottom of the centre canvas, & two snowflake stickers to the corners of the other 2 canvases. Cut the tab sticker in half & place one on the 1st canvas the other on the 3rd Canvas around about the centre of the canvas frame. Cut a piece of silver ribbon for the 1st & 3rd Canvas, adhere underneath the tab sticker, wrapping it around the frame. Embellish the frames with the left over rub-ons. Work out how long you need to have the snowflake hangers & cut each to the length. Adhere to the top of each of each of your canvases with some pritt gel grip. Place a circle sticker on the top of each hanger with foam mounting tape

STEP 6: Join the Canvases together with 2 metal hinges on each or make your own hinges from left over ribbon.

2nd Project: Recycled Christmas Cards.

SUPPLIES: 2 Used Christmas Cards. White Card stock. Pattern Paper: Bo Bunny Serenity. Element Stickers: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade. Stamps: Kaiser Merry Christmas. Rhinestones: Kaiser Silver. Ribbon: Silver about .5cm wide.
These are the two cards i started with, even though you will probably not have these cards, i am sure if you go through last years cards you will find cards with baubles, trees etc on them that you can cut out from the card. Just use your imagination.

STEP 1: Cut out the embellishments from the cards that you would like to use on your new Christmas Card. For my cards i cut out with my scissors the Lady with the gift bags, then the Christmas Tree in the pot, from the second card i cut out the Fairy & the Christmas Tree all in one piece.

1st Card

STEP 2: For the first card i cut a piece white card stock 5 1/2" x 11" ( 14cm x 28cm) then scored in half. I then cut a piece of the Serenity Pattern Paper 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" & adhered to the front of the card. Then i cut a piece of the Stripe Pattern Paper 3/4" wide x 5 1/2"Long & adhered about at 1 1/2" up from the bottom edge. I then cut a thin piece of silver ribbon & adhered across the top of the stripe pattern paper. Next i adhered a piece of the purple snow flake border sticker along the bottom edge of the stripe pattern paper. I adhered the cut out tree from the used card with foam mounting tape to the right hand side of the card. I embellished the tree & the snowflake border strip with Silver Rhinestones. Stamp Merry Christmas to the inside page

2nd Card

Step 1: Cut and fold white card stock as for the first card. Trace a 4" circle onto the blue pattern paper & cut out with your scissors. Cut a piece of stripe pattern paper 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" & adhere to the front of the card. Adhere the circle to the centre of the card. Cut a piece of purple scallop border sticker 5 1/2" long & adhere 1 1/4" up from the bottom edge. Adhere a strip of Silver Ribbon across the top edge of the border sticker. Adhere the cut out Lady with foam mounting tape to the centre of the circle. Embellish around the circle with Silver Rhinestones. Stamp Merry Christmas To the inside page.

3rd Card:

STEP 1: Once again cut a fold the white card stock as for the previous card. Cut a piece of stripe pattern paper 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" & adhere to the front of the card. Adhere a piece of purple scallop sticker border to the bottom of the card. Then adhere a piece of silver ribbon over the top edge of the sticker border. Adhere the cut out Fairy & Tree to the centre of the card. Then embellish with Silver Rhinestones. Stamp Merry Christmas to the inside of the card. I hope enjoy these & look for cards with silver glitter baubles etc to use on your recycled cards. You could even keep this in mind for next years cards, using your cards from this year

3rd Project: Christmas Layout

SUPPLIES: Card stock: Bazzill Juneberry (1), White (1).Pattern Paper: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade : Concerto (1) Snowy Serenade (1). Die-Cut: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade Prelude (1). Element Stickers: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade. Ribbon : Silver. Glitter: Crystal Clear. Brads: Bo Bunny Snowy Serenade.

STEP 1: Adhere the Concerto Pattern Paper to the Juneberry Card stock. Next adhere the die-cut pattern paper to the centre of the page. Cut a piece of stripe pattern paper 5" x 7" for the photo Matt & adhere your photo to the centre. Adhere the photo Matt 2 1/2" in & 3" down on the right hand side of the page. Cut a piece of blue Snowy Serenade Pattern Paper 1 1/2" x 5 1/2" & adhere to the bottom left hand side of the photo Matt ( this is your journaling block).

STEP 2: Remove the 2 large snowflake stickers from the element sheet & adhere to white card stock, cut out the outside shape with your scissors leaving a white border. Use your 2 way glue pen and fill in the white areas on one of the snowflakes & apply over the other sticker & sprinkle over the crystal clear glitter. Affix a brad to the centre of each one. Cut two pieces of silver ribbon 4" long & adhere to the back of the snowflake embellishments. Adhere the snowflake embellishments to the left hand side of the photo Matt, hanging one higher than the other. Affix the ribbon into place with more brads. Place the tag sticker with foam mounting tape on the bottom right hand side of the photo. Adhere your letter title to scraps of blue pattern paper & cut into blocks, adhere across the top of the photo Matt with foam mounting tape. Journal on the journal block.

Now for the Little Yellow Bicycle 25 days of Christmas Collection.

Layout 1:
SUPPLIES: Card stock: Pomegranate (1). Pattern Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle Silver & Red Snow globe (1), Word Type Stripe (1) Die-cut: Little Yellow Bicycle (1). Chipboard Stickers: Little Yellow Bicycle. Rhinestones: Deep Yellow. Ribbon: .5cm wide Gold. Brads: Little Yellow Bicycle 25days of Christmas. Gel Pen: White.

STEP 1: Cut the card stock to a piece 8 1/2" x 11". Cut a piece of the Snow Globe Pattern Paper also 8 1/2" x 11" & adhere to the card stock. Cut the top of the die-cut piece so you have 16 tips of the die-cut pattern, adhere this to the top of the page & trim off any excess overlap of the die-cut from the sides. Cut a piece of the Word Type Pattern Paper 2 1/8" x 11" & adhere underneath the die-cut pattern paper. Adhere the photo 2 3/4" down & 2 1/4" in on the right hand side. Cut a strip of gold ribbon and tie a bow about 2" in from the left hand side, adhere underneath the photo on the left hand side of the page. Affix a square brad to the bow. Adhere the reindeer chipboard sticker underneath the photo on the right hand side, the Noel sticker to the top right hand side of the photo, & white flourish glitter chipboard sticker across the top left hand side of the photo, & the 25th Dec chipboard sticker to the end of the flourish chipboard sticker. Adhere deep yellow rhinestones around the shape of the circle on the die-cut. Journal with a white pen beside the photo.

2nd Layout

SUPPLIES: Card stock: Bazzill White (1), Pomegranate (1). Pattern Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle Hanging Ornament (1). Clear Cuts: Little Yellow Bicycle. Chipboard Stickers Little Yellow Bicycle.

Rhinestones: Kaiser Deep Yellow. Ribbon: .5cm wide Gold. Punch: Martha Stewart Garden Trellis Deep Edge Punch. Zots: Clear Adhesive Dots. Photos: Black & White Portrait 2"wide x 3 1/4"long (3)

STEP1:Cut the white card stock 8 1/2" x 11". Cut the Hanging Ornament Pattern Paper 8 1/2" x 11" & adhere to the card stock. Cut a piece of pomegranate card stock 1 3/4" wide x 8 1/2" long and punch through the Martha Stewart Garden Trellis Punch & adhere 3/4" down from the top of the page. Adhere a clear cuts red holly leaf to the left hand side with zots clear adhesive dots. Cut a piece of gold ribbon 6" long & adhere to the top of the red card stock. Adhere the clear cuts Merry Christmas to the top of the page in the centre with zots clear adhesive dots. Affix a deep yellow rhinestone on the top. Adhere the chipboard sticker flower to the ribbon on the right hand side. Adhere the 3 photos, 1st 1/2" in & 4 1/4" down on the left hand side, 2nd 3 1/8" in 2 1/8" down on the left hand side, the 3rd 1/4" in & 3" down on the right hand side. Adhere a chipboard sticker circle to the hanging ornament on the right hand side. Wrap & adhere a small piece of gold ribbon around the neck of the clear cuts gold reindeer, & affix a deep yellow rhinestone to the centre of the ribbon. Adhere the reindeer with foam mounting tape between the hanging ornaments on the right hand side of the page. Affix deep yellow rhinestones around the circles of the hanging ornaments.

3rd Project: Christmas Lollie Gift Bags

SUPPLIES: Cello Bags Medium ( you can purchase these from MJ Packaging at Broadmeadow or from Stampin Up). Pattern Paper: Little Yellow Bicycle Christmas Collage Circles. Card stock: Pomegranate (1). Punch: EK Success Snowflake Border, Carl Corner Punch. Brads: Little Yellow Bicycle 25 days Assortment. Clear Cuts: Little Yellow Bicycle. Ribbon: .5cm wide Gold.

STEP 1: Cut 3 pieces of the pattern paper4" wide x 4 1/2" long. Fold in half and punch each corner with the carl corner punch. Place your sweets or gift into the bag and staple the top. Place adhesive on the inside of the folded pattern paper & adhere over the top of the bag. Cut 3 pieces of pomegranite cardstock 1" wide x 4 1/2" long and punch through the snowflake punch, adhere to the bottom edge of the pattern paper. Cut 2 pieces of gold ribbon 4 1/2" long and tie one piece around the other piece, tie into a knot and cut off excess ribbon. Adhere a clear cuts Hanging Ornament to the centre of the pattern paper with double sided tape. Adhere one of the little snowflakes from the punch to the centre, then a deep yellow rhinestone to the centre. Do this for all 3 bags, the advantage of the pattern papers being double sided, you can use both sides on your bags.
Well that is it.....i could have done more, i had so many ideas of what i could do with these papers & embellishments, but there is not enough time. I hope you enjoy creating some of these projects. Merry Christmas & a Joyous New Year to you & your wonderful Families.

Marion xxxxx

On the 10th day of christmas.....

welcome! If you are like me, christmas has rushed upon us and there are so many last minute things to do including sending out those greeting cards! Nothing is nicer than getting a handmade card but we all know that these take a lot of time and effort - something we don't have at the moment. Don't worry, todays project will take you only 2 hours, and give you 12 sparkly, spunky cards to give out to loved ones this christmas, and in plenty of time to post them!!!

if you click on these images, they will expand bigger so that you can get a closer look at each one. they are all based on 3 sketches....

the idea for this project is to create a bit of a production line. Its made easy using the sketches, and a matching set of papers.

1. begin by choosing 3 double sided papers and 3 matching sheets of 12 x 12 cardstock.

2. cut out all your journal cards and choose 12 that you would like to use.

3. cut your matting from the cardstock. cut 4 from each sheet, measuring 14cm x 9.5 cm. this should give you 12 rectangles

4.cut your patterned background from the double sided papers, measuring 13.5cm x 9cm. cut 4 of these from each of your double sided papers. this will in turn give you 6 different patterns, 2 of each.

5.Now lay out your silver Kaisercraft cards on a table. Next lay out your cardstock matting onto each of the cards. Then lay out your pattern paper backgrounds onto these.

6.Using the leftover cardstock scraps, mat your journal cards. You will probably want to only leave a small border on each and plan out which journal card will match the background papers so that you can have the same matting on your journal card as on your finished card.

7.Now follow the sketches, using the leftover scraps of the pattern paper to add in the extra layers in the sketch. Don't overthink it.... this is the advantage of using the same line of papers because they will all match!

8.Finish off with ribbon, strings and sentiments where appropriate. stick everything together onto the card and add a sentiment to the front of your envelope. FINISHED!! It should only take you 2 hours to complete this. They make a great gift too!


Final word.... if you want to add that extra touch of christmas, glitter and bling is a must!! I've used several different glitters in my project. Some were ultra fine, others more chunky. I have an essential glue inkpad which allows me to stamp images with a glue instead of ink but you can easily dip your stamps into thinly spread out PVA glue and stamp them - just make sure you clean your stamp immediately when you are finished. simple swirls and circles or snowflakes will make the best on these cards. I've used them on the pattern paper....

Here are some closeups:

add chunky glitter - and don't forget those stickon gems!!

Using a clear or white glitter will give a more subtle look but add lots of sparkle
circles are always great for any project. the main thing is to add sparkle!

We interrupt the normal programming... wish the Head Diva, aka Boss Lady, Michelle the very best of days, to celebrate her birthday. We hope you have a great day, are totally spoilt and treated like a Diva!!! Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos
Please leave a special birthday message for a special birthday diva below.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

On the 9th Day of Christmas

Some quick & simple LOs using LYB 25days of Christmas range.

Now because these papers are so beautiful, I decided they didn't need alot of embellishing, thus enabling me to complete 5 LOs very quickly. And the range also includes wonderful packs of co-ordinating transparencies & diecuts.
So grab yourself some from the Divas Shop , might I add at 20% OFF & come speed scrapping with me!!!!!

Materials List
Little Yellow Bicycle 25Days of Christmas pps -
Christmas Collage, Decorative Edged Circle, Gold Script, Hanging Ornaments, Word Strip & Reindeer in the Air
Chipboard Stickers, Cardstock Cards, Clear Cut Shapes, Glitter Brads
Swiss Dot Bazzill - Sandbox & Kraft Bazzill
Jenni Bowlin Alpha Stickers, AC Thickers, Pink Paislee Thickers
Gold & red ribbons
Pinecone Ink, black stazon ink, d/s tape, power pritt gel, black sharpie pen, journal stamp


1. Take the decorative edged circle & cut it down to approx. 7 1/2" wide. Adhere this piece to the right side of the Gold Script pp background, leaving the white scroll edge exposed.
2. Adhere a 4 x 6 photo in the middle of the circle & add some word strips to the top right corner.
3. Select one of the calendar journal spots & tuck it under & towards the bottom of the circle. Add your title - I have used a mixture of Jenni Bowlin & Heidi Swapp alpha stickers.
4. Adhere the chipboard reindeer above the journal spot & one of the red flower transparencies to the right corner. Add a chipboard circle to the middle of the flower.
5. Cut a scalloped strip from the reverse side of the Word Strip pp & place some under the title & the photo.

NOTE: When journalling on these pps make sure to use a slick writer or sharpie because they are a glossy paper. Also, be sure of where you are sticking your elements because the pps will tear if you are trying to shift something.


1. Mat a 6x4 photo to the red side of Christmas Collage pp,leaving a border of 1/4". Adhere this mat to the top left corner of the Hanging Ornaments pp.
2. Tie a couple of bows in some gold ribbon & adhere with power pritt gel to the top of the 2 largest red balls.
3. Add a scrap of ribbon as a tag under the top left corner of the photo mat. And then a word sticker on the top of this.
4. Add a title under the photo using a mixture of alpha stickers & thickers.
5. Stamp some journalling lines with stazon ink under the title.


1. Mat a 4x6 photo with the gold side of the Word Strip pp, leaving a border of approx. 1/4" around the photo.. Adhere this approx. 1 1/4" from the right side of the Reindeer in the Air pp, in between the 2 reindeer.
2. Adhere the white CB scroll to the bottom of the photo & layer a red snowflake flower on top of this. Add a word sticker above the scroll, across the bottom right corner of the photo.
3. Add a title running vertically along the left side of the photo mat. Use a mixture of alpha stickers & thickers.
4. Journal across the bottom of the LO using a sharpie pen. Ink the edges of the LO.


1. Cut a sheet of swiss dot Bazzill to 8 1/2" x 11" as the base.
2. Cut a piece of the red side of Christmas Collage pp to 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" & ink the edges.
3. Cut a strip of approx 3 lines by 7 1/2" wide from the Word Strip pp. Ink the edges & adhere approx 1/4" from the bottom of the red pp.
4. Tie a piece of wide co-ordinating ribbon around the red pp & adhere it just above the word strip.
5. Adhere a 4x6 photo above the ribbon & into the top right corner of the red pp. Now adhere this whole red pp to the base cardstock, approx. 1" from the bottom & 3/4" from the right edge.
6. Cut a strip approx. 7 1/2" x 3/4" from the gold side of the Word Strip pp, ensuring you get a full width of the circles, so that you can cut around the circles to form a scalloped edge. Ink the edges of this strip & adhere butted against the bottom of the red pp.
7. Adhere a Santa & a green bauble transparency in the top left corner of the LO.
8. Add a title using a mix of alpha stickers & thickers, to the left of & in line
with the bottom of the photo.
9. Add some journalling strips & some sparkle brads above the ribbon.


1. Cut a sheet of Kraft cardstock to 11" x 8 1/2". ink the edges.
2. Cut a piece of the gold side of the Word Strip to 7 1/2" x 7". Ink the edges & adhere to the bottom right corner of the base.
3. Take the remaining piece of the decorative circle & cut it approx 7 1/2" x 4 1/2".
Ink the edges & adhere into the right corner of the gold pp, approx 1/4" from the bottom.
4. Cut a plain green strip from the Word Strip pp, 7 1/2" x 3/4". Ink the edges & adhere across the circle piece approx 1 1/4" from the bottom.
5. Ink the edges of a 4x6 photo & adhere across the pp mat approx 1" from the right edge.
6. Layer a calendar, a santa & a large snowflake transparency in the top left corner of the LO. Fix a green gem brad to the middle of the snowflake.
7. Add a title & some journalling in the bottom left corner of the LO.

Hope you enjoy these quick LOs to add to your Christmas album!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

On the 8th day of Christmas....

Welcome to the 8th day of Christmas @ DIVA'S!

My project to share with you all is a real simple mini Album. I have used Little Yellow Bycicle 25 days of Christmas range that Michelle kindly supplied me with from the SHOP. It was great to use this range for this type of mini because the papers were so thick and heavy and the added bonus was that they were double sided! So here are the instructions....

STEP 1: Cut a 12 x 4 inch strip of Patterned paper. Fold every inch along the paper (as shown in the 1st photo)

Step 2: Use double sided tape to adhere the folds together (as shown in the 2nd photo)

Step 3: Cut five 4x4inch pices of patterned paper and adhere them into the concertina to make the pages of your album ( as shown in the 3rd photo)

Step 4: Fold a 2.5 x 4 inch piece of Patterned paper in half to create a 1.25 x 4 inch bind for your album. Use double sided tape to adhere it to the spine of the album.

Thats all the hard work done! now the fun stuff.... Choose your photos and embellies and fill the album with memories!

It may look hard but once you start you will realise how easy it is. It took me only an hour from start to finish and that included filling it with all the LYB goodies!

If you have any question, ask away! either here or in the christmas thread @ Diva's and I will be sure to help you out!

Here is my finished Mini Album, I have used all the Little Yellow Bicycle papers 25 days of Christmas range. the only thing I added were Alphas! It was a fantastic range to use... I loved it!

I hope you liked the Mini Album and give it a go its so easy!
Merry Christmas to you all and get SCRAPPING!!

Kell xx

Monday, December 07, 2009

On the 7th day of Christmas:-

Project 1 Seasonal CD/DVD cover/slip case.

Materials used:-

Patterned papers - Making Memories, Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey
Embellishments - Making Memories, Cosmo Cricket and Basic Grey

Cut cardstock 25.7cm wide x 25.1cm high

Fold in half vertically, score and open

Rule a line at 12.7 cm high

Cut with a craft knife to the centre line
Now rule a diagonal line from the centre of this line to the top corner of the paper. This side should measure 25.1

Adhere the diagonal flap by placing double sided tape along the bottom and side edges.

Your cover is now made cover and it's time to embellish.

Project 2 Gift Idea - Bag Blingy Thingy

Materials used:-

Maya Road Sheer Tags
Metal ring
Kaisercraft bling
Prima bling
Papers & flocked stickers - Little Yellow Bicycle
Heidi Swapp alphas
Heidi Swapp verb stickers

For this project I looked through my stash for some tags. You can use all the same tags however I wanted to use all different shapes and sizes.

I hole punched each tag and threaded them on to the ring.

I tied some ribbon and trim to the ring. I opted for all different colours, styles and textures. I also made a small velvet yoyo by simply doing a running stitch along one side and pulling tight to form a circle.

At the front of my bag blingy thingy I have included a chipboard heart which I covered with Prima packaging and sanded. I covered my initial "k" with patterned paper, inked and covered with dimensional magic. I then adhered this to my heart chipboard piece on a diagonal.

Each page of the tag book I decorated differently. As each tag is sheer I was mindful of where I placed the double sided tape, papers and embellishments.

Even though this bag blingy thingy is for me (because I just loved how it turned out) I plan to make more as gifts.

Project 3 Boutique Bows

These gorgeous bows are quick and easy and can be used as present bows or hair bows.

Materials required:-

Ribbon width Ribbon length
1 1/4” Width 4” bow = 28”
7/8” Width 3 ½” bow = 22 ½”
For the examples I have used wire ribbon as the wire holds the bow's shape.
Embroidery floss
Jumbo salon clip
Lighter or fray stop (to seal the ends of the ribbon to stop fraying)

Mark the middle of the ribbon with a pen or pencil. This will not show once the ribbon is tied.

Make the top of the figure 8 placing the end of the ribbon over the top of the middle mark you made. The loop should look like an awareness ribbon loop. If you are leaving tails, leave the desired tail length past the center mark.

Make the bottom loop of the figure 8 just like you did with the top loop. Again, if you are leaving tails, allow them to go past the middle mark for the desired length.

Bring the top of the upper loop down to the center and hold in the middle cross area.

Bring the bottom loop up to the center and place over the middle cross area.

Secure the bow with a jumbo salon clip. Make sure it is a clip with a center opening to allow you to tie the bow in the next step.

Tie the embroidery floss and wrap around the center twice while the clip is still holding the folded ribbon.

Pull the embroidery floss tight and knot the center.

Thanks everyone for joining me today hoping you all enjoyed my projets.

Love Karen