Thursday, June 26, 2008

Diva Ribbon Club... June... How to make a marble bag

I grabbed the red and white ribbons from this months Ribbon Club and immediately knew that I wanted to sew something for my Daughter Alesia with it. I've had the Hello Kitty material for ages and because its only a small cut I didn't know what to use it for.... Well it seems that MARBELS are the in thing at school again - so here is a marble bag for her :) Of course there is still tonnes of ribbon left and when I use it I'll share back in the forum :)

1. Cut top strip 15x2 inches, middle strip 15x3 inches and bottom strip 15x5 inches.
2. Sew with right sides facing, the middle and bottom fabric together.

3. Iron flat and then place your RIBBON PACK lace over the join and sew over several times
4. Add several other strips of trim from your RIBBON PACK to the lower section of your fabric, leaving 2-3 cm at the bottom for seams later.
5. With right sides together again, add your top strip of fabric. Fold the whole lot in half and sew down one side and across the bottom. You may want to zig zag stitch the seams so they don't frey. Adding some clear nailpolish will do the same thing.
6. Turn down the top opening of the bag and sew around it, leaving a 1cm opening at the seam side to thread your ribbon through.

7. Thread through one of the long lengths of ribbon from your RIBBON PACK then tie in a knot to secure. Turn your bag in the right way and iron flat. Don't forget to add clear nailpolish or Dimensional Magic to the ends of your ribbon to stop it from freying. Also add a key tag to the ribbon so that if it gets lost, it can be easily returned.

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MammaDawg said...

Thanks for the step-by-step instructions - I made my first marble bag (not nearly as cute as yours!) and my son adores it. You ROCK!