Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Step 3

Step 3.

Time to punch some holes. You need to punch two holes at the bottom of your shape to slip your ‘split rings’ into. Measure 5cm in from your sides and 1.5cm up from the bottom. Mark with a pencil and use your hole punch to make two hole on either side.

If you are hanging your “Hang it Up’ you will need to punch two holes on the top to put your ribbon through. Measure 3cm in from the side and 1.5cm down from the top and punch two more holes. Cut a piece of ribbon or thick string approx 30cm long. Slip into the hole at the top and make a knot. Do the same of the other side.

If you are putting your “Hang it Up” on the fridge. Turn you shape over and find the centre. Measure 5 cm down and glue your magnet on.

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