Sunday, December 12, 2010

On the 12th Day of Christmas

Well ... today is the last day of the Diva's 12 Days of Christmas for 2010.
We hope you have enjoyed all of the projects.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a fan of the store bought Christmas Cracker / Bon Bon.
I don't like the tissue paper hats, the jokes are not funny and the toys are rubbish.

So, the 12th Day project is to make your own Christmas Crackers / Bon Bons.

Today we are going to be turning this:

Into this:

Materials used:
Brown paper
Toilet rolls
Cracker snaps (bought at Spotlight)
Jokes (Google can help you here)
Lindt Balls
Scraps of Christmas Paper / Ribbon / Fabric.
Christmas stamps


Step 1: put the snap into the toilet roll. I very lightly taped them into place so they can still be pulled & snap.

Step 2: fill the roll with whatever goodies you like. I typed up some jokes that I found on the internet and wrapped these around my favourite chocolate - Lindt balls - yummo....

Step 3: roll up in brown paper & tie the ends with twine. I then used my pinking shears and trimmed the edges.

Step 4: Decorate with paper / ribbons / stamps / whatever scraps to have

That's it - all done!!! (And not a tissue paper hat in sight to ruin your hair!)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

On The 11th Day of Christmas

On The 11th Day of Christmas my true love gave to me some easy Christmas cards to please. LOL

There are no instructions as such for these but would love to see what cards you make. I am hoping to make a few more over the weekend and will post those when they are done.

Friday, December 10, 2010

On The 10th Day Of Christmas

Well here we are getting towards the end.

How about creating a layout ready for those precious Chrissy photos.

Layout Chrissy Magic.

Supplies: Cardstock: Pomegranite (1). Pattern Paper: Websters: Waiting for Santa, The Delivery, Fa-la-la, Making A List.Websters Floral Bouquet. Websters Journaling Cards. Green Gathered Ribbon Trim. Websters Fabric Wraps.

Layout Instructions:
1: On the top right hand side of  the Making a list pattern paper, measure down 1 1/2" from the top edge & 1" in on  the right hand side edge, measure down 3" from the 1 1/2" dot on the right hand side. Join up the dots to form a triangle.
2: Next cut out the triangle on the top and right hand side lines:
3: Cut a piece of the delivery pattern paper (red script) 4 3/4"wide x 3 1/2"long, stick this piece to the back of the pattern paper over the cut out section.
4: Adhere the pattern paper to the base cardstock. Then tear down the two sides of green pattern paper, roll over slightly, then stick with some double sided tape to the pattern paper.
5: Adhere the journaling card on the right hand side of the page underneath the green turned piece.
6: Adhere your 4" x 6" portrait photo 2 1/4" down & 4 1/8" in on the left hand side of he page.
7: Cut a piece  of the script red pattern paper 2 1/4" x 8", then adhere underneath the photo.
8: Adhere the smaller journaling card on top of the red script on the left hand side of the page.
9: Cut two pieces of music pattern paper 2" x 4", tear along he bottom edge of each piece, adhere one above the journaling card on the left, and the other underneath the photo.
10: Adhere a strip of green gathered ribbon trim, underneath the photo.
11: Remove the red organza flower and the two gold leaves from the bouquet, twist the pieces together. Tie the green & white circle fabric wrap into a bow around the stems. Adhere this piece to the right hand side of the  photo.
12: Cut out the birdcage and deer from the pattern paper. Adhere the deer on the bottom left hand side of the photo, & the birdcage in the top left hand side of the page.
13: Place your title across the top of the photo & on the left hand side.

Merry Christmas Everyone and i hope you enjoy the layout.

Marion xxxxxxx

Thursday, December 09, 2010

On the 9th Day of Christmas

This project is more of a craft project using scrapbooking tools and other supplies.

Banners seem to be all the rage at the moment - they are everywhere - so I decided to do a Christmas banner for the 9th Day - the link being 9 letters in Christmas.

Each of the triangles is a page from the Making Memories calico album. These already came with eyelets in the top corners - perfect - no punching required!

At one of my last trips to Spotlight I spotted some coloured hessian which I though would go great in a few Christmas projects - so for this project I cut red and green triangles of hessian and sewed them onto each of the calico pages.

I did this for 9 flags.

I then cut thin strips of fabric and tied the flags together

I cut the C H R I S T M A S letters 3 inches tall using my Slice. (Now don't fall over in shock that I actually used the Slice - I have had it for years & reckon I have used it maybe 6 times in total - how embarrassing!)

I glued the letters onto the flags and decorated the letters with a bit of bling.

and then that's it - ready to hang

If you are not into fabric and prefer paper - this project can easily be adapted to suit your preference.

I hope you have enjoyed the 9th Day project.


Wednesday, December 08, 2010

On the 8th Day of Christmas

Well... it's not 8 Lords a Leaping... I have made an 8 page 8 x 8 inch album using a mix of different media.

As this album is about our family Christmas in 2010, I have made the pages but will wait until I have the photos from Christmas Day before I decorate them. So the pages are looking a bit plain jane at the moment but I'm sure you get the idea.

Page 1 is the front cover which is chipboard covered in Fabric
I covered one side of the chipboard in heavy duty glue (Pritt Power Gel) and stuck it to the reverse side of the material. I then folded & glued the edges in.

Page 2 is a piece of 8 * 12 inch Fancy Pants Tradition paper, one side of which was folded in to make an 8 x 8 square page with a flap / pocket on one side. The top and bottom edges were decorated using threading water punch.

Page 3 is a paper bag which has the opening on the side. I have cut a semi circle into the bag opening and inside the bag I am going to put the kids letters to Santa.

Page 4 - is an 8 x 8 inch piece of Fancy Pants Tradition patterned paper

Page 5 is a Fancy Pants Tradition flocked transparency.

Page 6 is a piece of green felt

Page 7 Page 2 is a piece of 8 * 12 inch Fancy Pants Tradition paper, one side of which was folded in to make an 8 x 8 square page with a flap / pocket on one side.

Page 8 is the back cover - I have left it undecorated to show you the fabric cover folded over & glued

The pages were really quick and easy to make and once complete, it will be nice to have an album specifically about Christmas.

I have punched holes in the pages & used a couple of split rings - but you could use ribbon / twine if you want to bind the album together.

I really enjoyed creating this album & I hope you have a go at making a Christmas 2010 album too!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

7th Day of Christmas

On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, seven swans a swimming. Apparently, this song is full of religious symbolism and the seven swans refer to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. So it’s apt that today’s creation is more of a gift than a Christmas project. It all started when I saw this photo wall hanging in the local photo shop. I was VERY tempted to buy it, until I saw the price: $108.

OMG, I could make one for much less. So here it is – a 7 frame photo wall hanging for day 7 – for under $20!

Step One:

Remove packing and glass from frames and lay them on a desk. Move them around until you are happy with the design/layout. It helps if you have a few long edges next to each other. I couldn’t find any oval frames, so mine is all square!

Step Two:

Lightly sand all the wood, it helps make the paint stick.

Step Three:

Paint each frame in a light colour, leaving some of the dark paint showing through. You can do a few colours if you want. You can also sand them once the paint is dry to get an aged look, or do a coat of crackle median before painting if you want.

Step Four:

Stick them together with really strong glue and I used clamps too. This takes a while to dry, so best to leave overnight. I’ve also used the hanging wires (yah for a K-mart photo hanging kit) to help strengthen the joints between the frames.

Step Five (optional):

Decorate and fill. I've used some Prima flowers, chipboard letters, Kaisercraft wooden flourish and Xmas ribbon.

Monday, December 06, 2010

On the 6th Day .... A Setting for Six

Welcome to the 6th day of the Divas 12 Days of Christmas

'On the 6th day of Christmas my true love gave to me six geese a laying', well at the Embellees 'table' they will be laying on our plates with these beautiful but, very quick and simple table settings.

As you have guessed by now I love to use up my 'stash', use my tools, mix in a few vintage/repurposed elements and go for simple and quick projects I can actually make happen in my busy life.  This year my niece is hosting Christmas lunch and she asked me to 'set the table'.  Her only request was to use hotpink as the core colour.  So here is sample of what our Christmas table is going to look like...kinda mini version, as I anticipate adding a few other bits of gorgeousness.....

To get started you need to grab:

  • Chrissy papers (4 sheets of double sided to match your decorations/table scape)
  • Punches (borders and shapes)
  • Die cuts for your Cuttlebug/Bigshot
  • Crochet doily
  • Cotton String
  • Dymo labeller

Step 1:  Making the Napkin Envelope

One 12  x 12 double sided paper cut in half on the diagonal

Folding into envelope shape (check out the photos and follow the steps)

Decorate to compliment your table scape or your chrissy theme (I wanted a vintage/shabby chic feel for our look this year).
  • I have used the Tim Holtz birdcage diecut to cut out blue glittered cardstock, book paper for the bird, spiral border punch (Martha Stewart), cotton string (oooh Michelle would be pleased I grabbed this from OfficeWorks), part of my vintage doily (refer to hint below) and not to be forgotten some kaiser bling!
Handy Hint:  Using old crochet doilies is all the rage at the moment.  I have purchased them from all over... Vinnies, markets, antique shops, but I always look for ones that have a good solid flower shape I can cut out.  I also love to use the other bits on projects - so in this one I have used little bits of the crochet on each project to tie them all together - just check out the state of the doily I used... it was a 20 cent one with a hole in it from Vinnies - but I just loved the green as it was unusual... all my 6 place settings will have different doily pieces - they don't need to be 'matchie matchie' gives more of that eclectic/shabby chic feel I want to achieve ....

Step 2:  Making the Name Holder

  1. Chose a diecut that will suit, in my case I have used the gorgeous Top Note from Stampin Up - such a versatile die cut.  Remembering I wanted to keep this simple.. you could just cut a square 4.5" x 3.5".
  2. Fold in half (I used a bone scorer to give me a crisp folded edge).

Again, you can decorate to match your table scape/decorations. 

  • I used my scallop punch and with a little mist of water damped down my shape to help with the 'scrunching' process.  I displayed this with the co-ordinating side of my double sided paper showing.
  • I added a small piece from my 'tattered' doily edge as a frill.
  • I couldn't resist another book page bird (cut from my Tim Holtz Sissix Die Cut on my cuttlebug/BigShot). 
  • To continue the vintage feel, I love using my dymo tape labeller and yes my name at home is Elizabeth (for those who know me as Lizzie).
Step 3:  Wrapping the Cutlery

  1. I just love this idea and what better way to introduce the very popular paper doily or benders as the catering bods call them.  I was just lucky enough to have hot pink ones in my stash (gotta luv those Hot Dollar Shops I frequent).
  2. Wrap your doily around your cutlery and fix in place.
  3. Cut a length off your 12" x 12" paper - approximately 1" wide and wrap it around the doily - finish this by leaving a tail to the left and cutting on the diagonal.
  4. Again, use the same technique above with your scallop punched circle misted and scrunched or if you have a Cuttlebug/BigShot emboss the scallop circle to add texture.
  5. To finish off your embellishment use similar bits to tie in with your name plate and napkin envelope - in my case I added some of the crochet doily, cotton string and dymo labelling!

Although this setting is simple and not loads of technique - that was the idea.  When you have to repeat a project to make multiples - you need to keep it simple.  In my case I have to replicate 3 items x 6 people - so the KISS principal had to apply ....  I also love that this used up my stash, had me using my Cuttlebug/Bigshot and punches (love to get the most out of the expensive tools I have) and, lastly included some vintage finds.

I hope your family will be just as happy when they sit down to Christmas lunch and see the effort you have gone to add that 'handmade' touch to your table - it will definitely give them a better understanding of what you have all that stuff for....

Wishing you all a very merry and safe Christmas!
from Lizzie @ Embellees

Sunday, December 05, 2010

On the 5th day of Christmas

Everyone needs a tag to put on their gifts don't they???
We don't want Uncle Freddy getting the hankies and perfume meant for Nanna do we!!!

Creating home made tags takes next to no time & adds that personal touch to your gift giving.

I feel like I really cheated with these - because they were so easy using the Fancy Pants Traditions Tags and Titles.

Sporting a bit of a hangover thanks to a 40th birthday party last night, I made these 5 tags this morning.

I used coordinating 4 x 6 inch paper scraps for the base of each gift tag.

Tag 1
For the 1st tag I used some coordinating Fancy Pants Tradition - Stars & Holly paper as the base.
A strip of red & white polka dot paper through the middle topped with the Merry Christmas Tag.
Finished off with a green ribbon bow.

Tag 2
For the 2nd tag I used some red & cream paper as the base and corner rounded the edges.
I then matted the Christmas Wishes tag on corrogated cardstock & attached to the base.
A red semi-circle was glued above the Christmas Wishes title with a Christmas tree brad in the middle of it.
Finished off by stapling red leather strips to the top and bottom.

Tag 3
Using green & white polka dot paper for the base - the edges were inked in umber.
Snowflake tag was matted onto red paper and adhered to base.
Using a brown pen stitching was drawn around the snowflake tag.
Snowflake brad was put through the centre of the snowflake.
Finished off by punching 3 holes down the side with green ribbon threaded through.

Tag 4
Coordinating Fancy Pants Tradition Stripe & Scallop paper was used as the base.
Peace Love Joy title was matted on red paper & then adhered to base.
Finished off by punching 2 holes on the side and tying a blue bow through the holes.

Tag 5

Blue paper was used as base.
Used Fiskars threading water punch on a scrap of white cardstock and stuck it to the lower half of the base.
A left over scrap of Tradition Stripe & Scallop paper was adhered to the upper half of the base.
Rectangle flourish tag was stuck on top.
Finished off with green paper twine wrapped around the top which was stapled at either end to secure it in place.

This year my friends and family will receive presents wrapped in brown paper & strung with twine and one of these gift tags.

Much nicer than the shop bought ones don't you think.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

On The 4th Day of Christmas Gift Bags & Card

4th Day Of Christmas

Christmas is such a hectic time, so it is time for us to get in and get started on those handmade items for christmas, i know some of you have started already. I can not wait to give these to my family, i hope they will love them. The bags are so easy to find, i got mine from MG & J Packaging at Adamstown, they are so cheap about 35cents each. The ones you buy at the shops are $2.00 or more, they come in lots of sizes, from tiny wee ones to large ones. So head off grab a bundle and decorate.

Cardstock: Pomegranite Red at least 2 sheets.  French Vanilla.Websters Pattern Paper: Dear Santa: Fa-la-la, Delivery, Reindeer Cottage. Fabric Wraps. Berry Boquet. Journaling Cards. Floral Boquet. Glimmer Mist Red Velvet & Meadow Green. Punches Martha Stewart Deep Edge Floral Vine,Doilie Border & Fiskars Scallop Edge.  Ink: Red, Gold & Black.  Jute Twine. Red Rhinestones. Stamps Kaiser Dear Santa.

Gift Bag & Card No: 1. 

This bag measures 10"wide x 7 3/4" high.

Instructions For The Gift Bag No: 1 
1: Spray the front and back of your bag with Red Velvet Glimmer Mist.
2: Cut a piece of the Fa-la-la ( music) Pattern Paper 4 3/4" x 8", ink the edges with red ink, place double sided tape on the two sides and bottom edge ( do not place on the top edge), stick to the front the bag, this creates the pocket for the card.
3: Cut a piece of Delivery Pattern Paper ( roses) 3 1/2" x 7 1/4",ink the edges with red ink,  then stick to the music pattern paper.
4: Cut a strip of the red script fabric trim 8" long, and stick underneath the rose pattern paper.
5: Tie some jute string around the Berry Boquet and tie into a bow, stick to the left hand side of the bag with strong adhesive glue.
Instructions For The Card:
1: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 4" x 12", fold in half, flatten the edge with a bone folder.
2: Adhere one of the journaling cards to the top edge of the card front.
3: Stamp the reindeer & sleigh stamp with black ink to the journaling card.
4: Stick a piece of the red script fabric to underneath the stamped image.
5: Cut a piece of French Vanilla Cardstock 1 1/2" x 4", punch through the floral vine punch, ink the edges with red ink. Then stick underneath the journaling card.
6: Place some red rhinestones on the punched piece & on the top right hand corner of the journal card.
7: Pop your card into the pocket on the front of the bag.

Gift Bag & Card No:2

The size of this bag is 6 1/4"wide x 10 1/4"high.

Instructions For Gift Bag No: 2
1: Spray the front and back of the bag with green glimmer mist.
2: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 2 1/2" x 6 1/4".
3: Cut a piece of the fabric wrap ( music, baloon & roses) 6 1/2"long, stick this to the pomegranite cardstock piece, then adhere the edges to the back of the cardstock. Stick this piece the bottom section of the bag.
4: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 1 1/2" x 6 1/2", punch through the floral vine punch, the stick underneath the fabric. Trim off any excess cardstock with your scissors.
5: Cut a piece of the red script fabric & stick on the top of the punched cardstock.
Instructions For The Card:
1: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 4" x 8", & fold in half to form the card.
2: Adhere a journaling card to the front of the card.
3: Stamp Merry Christmas with black ink onto the journaling card.
4: Remove the white organza flower from the boquet, cut off the back long stem piece, then stick with strong adhesive to the top left hand corner of the card.
5: Place a red rhinestone in the centre of the flower.

Gift Bag & Card No: 3

The size of this bag is 6 1/4"wide x 10 1/4" high.

Instructions For Gift Bag No: 3:
1: Spray the front and back of the bag with red glimmer mist.
2: Cut a piece of the Reindeer Cottage pattern paper 5 1/2" x 8", ink the edges with red ink, then stick to the front of the bag.
3: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 2 1/2" x 5 1/2", punch the top and bottom edge with the fiskars scallop edge punch.
4: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 1 1/2" x 5 1/2", punch through the doilie punch. Stick this piece to the bottom of the pattern paper.
5: Cut a piece of the scallop edge fabric wrap, stick to the front of the cardstock, and wrap around to the side edges and stick. Place double sided tape on the bottom and two sides, then stick over the top edge of the doilie punched piece.
Instructions For The Card:
1: Cut a piece of pomegranite cardstock 4" x 8", fold in half to form the card.
2: Adhere a journal card to the front.
3: Adhere one of the berry boquet white leaves to the top left hand corner of the card.
4: Stamp Merry Christmas on the journal card.
5: Pop the card into the pocket.

I hope you enjoy making these, they are so quick and so easy, i am sure you will want to make more, this is actually heaps of product left to make a few more bags.

Merry Christmas Everyone from Marion xxxxxxx