Saturday, August 16, 2008

distressing technique - paint lines

Hopefully this little tutorial will help you think a bit outside the square as far as adding texture and layers to your page. Distressing can be very in your face or as subtle as you may want to make it. It is a technique that should be practised first time around as each paint will have a different consistency. I've used mine on a partly finished page, which has already had some distressed paper added and some bubblewrap stamping done to give it a grunge feel. Have fun!!

You will need a ruler or something straight, some paint and your layout.

Dip the edge of the ruler into the paint, be sure there is a fair amount on the ruler.

You should start by making several smaller lines on your page. Dip the ruler in the paint each time you do a line. You may want to move the ruler in a forward motion, dragging the paint in a straight line across your page or add more paint along your ruler so that the line is darker and longer.

Experiment and add lots of lines for a grunge feel or keep it simple with just a few for a more subtle look. You may want to try this on dark paper with white or light paint, or use paint a smiliar colour to your paper for a more subdued look.

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