Thursday, March 26, 2009

Easter Bunny Egg Box and Card

You will need to right click on the template and save to your computer. You can then print the template out onto cardstock. It should be A4 size when printing.

Cut Egg box out of cardstock. And score along the dotted lines.
Prepare and attach your bunny before folding.
Cut bunny shapes out. For the little pads, eyes and nose I used a normal hole punch. Assemble your feet and ears. Add your ears to your box. Followed by the body, feet and then add your eyes and nose. I used some string for whiskers and added the nose on a glue dot, to give it a bit of dimension. (See picture below)

Fold along all score lines
Add some double sided tape as shown and fold your box up and stick together.

Add further decoration.

For the Card I used the same idea and Bunny Pattern. I cut an egg shape card with a flat bottom.

Have Fun and give it to some bunny special!!!

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