Friday, December 10, 2010

On The 10th Day Of Christmas

Well here we are getting towards the end.

How about creating a layout ready for those precious Chrissy photos.

Layout Chrissy Magic.

Supplies: Cardstock: Pomegranite (1). Pattern Paper: Websters: Waiting for Santa, The Delivery, Fa-la-la, Making A List.Websters Floral Bouquet. Websters Journaling Cards. Green Gathered Ribbon Trim. Websters Fabric Wraps.

Layout Instructions:
1: On the top right hand side of  the Making a list pattern paper, measure down 1 1/2" from the top edge & 1" in on  the right hand side edge, measure down 3" from the 1 1/2" dot on the right hand side. Join up the dots to form a triangle.
2: Next cut out the triangle on the top and right hand side lines:
3: Cut a piece of the delivery pattern paper (red script) 4 3/4"wide x 3 1/2"long, stick this piece to the back of the pattern paper over the cut out section.
4: Adhere the pattern paper to the base cardstock. Then tear down the two sides of green pattern paper, roll over slightly, then stick with some double sided tape to the pattern paper.
5: Adhere the journaling card on the right hand side of the page underneath the green turned piece.
6: Adhere your 4" x 6" portrait photo 2 1/4" down & 4 1/8" in on the left hand side of he page.
7: Cut a piece  of the script red pattern paper 2 1/4" x 8", then adhere underneath the photo.
8: Adhere the smaller journaling card on top of the red script on the left hand side of the page.
9: Cut two pieces of music pattern paper 2" x 4", tear along he bottom edge of each piece, adhere one above the journaling card on the left, and the other underneath the photo.
10: Adhere a strip of green gathered ribbon trim, underneath the photo.
11: Remove the red organza flower and the two gold leaves from the bouquet, twist the pieces together. Tie the green & white circle fabric wrap into a bow around the stems. Adhere this piece to the right hand side of the  photo.
12: Cut out the birdcage and deer from the pattern paper. Adhere the deer on the bottom left hand side of the photo, & the birdcage in the top left hand side of the page.
13: Place your title across the top of the photo & on the left hand side.

Merry Christmas Everyone and i hope you enjoy the layout.

Marion xxxxxxx


Michelle (Head Diva) said...

what a beautiful layout thanks Marion

Natalie said...

Love it Marion - cut out corner is very clever & effective - I'll be trying that technique for sure.