Thursday, December 02, 2010

On The Second Day of Christmas

Welcome everyone to the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me two Turtle Doves, no two Christmas Trees.

This is the finished product and I am sorry that the photo is not very good but I will try and take another one in the morning. I got this from a blog and if you wish to see her instructions you can and I thank her for sharing it with us.
But this is the Thomas spin on the Christmas Tree.

Now you will need either a skewer, wooden stick or metal stick of some sort or like what I used a paper spike that are available at all good Officeworks stores for a couple of dollars. You will also need wire, paper circles of all different sizes, glitter, glitter and more glitter or glitter glue or spray adhesive, and some embellishments and bling.


Cut out all your circles first. Now I used my circle set from spellbinders in my cuttlebug machine. It is very time consuming but well worth it in the end. You can put as many circles on your spike as you like. Now if you are not using a spike you will need to set up a base that the skewer can be attached onto.

Here are all my circles cut out.


Now you should scrunch up your circles before you put them on your spike. you can also distress them, ink them or whatever you feel like doing.


Now once you have done that you can start decorating with glitter, paper roses for the top or stars or whatever tickles your fancy. So I have used glitter, Kaiser bling, red felt balls, wire and stars to finish it off.

I hope you like it and if you have any questions please let me know.
Cheers Michelle


Natalie said...

Stunning Michelle - love it!!!

karennarelle said...

woohoo, another perfect one to do with the kidswill just have to work out how to do spike. thanks Michelle

justjacqui said...

Great idea! Looks like I will have to get started cutting circles!

Helen Kinsela said...

Gorgeous, fab idea especially to use up that old xmas paper stash we've all got (or is that just me LOL). Now I know why you were doing so much 'bugging LOL.

Marion Werren said...

Hi Michelle, this is just so cute, i love the idea. I know that the kids would love to do this.

Michelle (Head Diva) said...

thanks girls. You could also use cupcake papers as well and for the spike as I said get a paper spike it is much easier.

Michelle (Head Diva) said...

I also meant to say that it looks better in real life and I took it to work and had it on display and everyone liked it.